Lohan Rule

I caught Georgia Rule last night. Lindsay Lohan looked great in some shots, long skinny jeans and high heels tramping around some Idaho town. She talked about sex adn BJs but that was all edited out of the movie. Thanks. I do think Garry Marshall should have taken a hint from Lohan’s notorious absents and late arrivals: edit down the movie. It was not great enough to be two hours.

Still if I ran into Lohan on the street adn she smiled at me, my daughter or my dog, I’d try to strike up a conversation.


3 Responses to Lohan Rule

  1. bbart76 says:

    I get a lot of crap from my friends because Lohan is on my ten list. I’m not so sure on her acting but she’s great eye candy.

  2. 1hpb says:

    I don’t dig all of her freckles, but she can look great sometimes. Did you check out the New York Magazine photo spread?

  3. bbart76 says:

    Love the freckles, loved the New York Magazine spread!

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