I am a web stalker.

Not a google-hound although I have been known to check myself out from time to time.

I stalk exes through registries. When I was first engaged and registered on Wedding Channel, i began to wonder who else was registered. I searched old boyfriends, old roommates, old high school friends, you name it. I found it interesting that one loser I dated who did not board a plane once in our two year (on and off again) relationship registered for a set of red luggage with wheels. hmm.

I also registered when I was pregnant for a bunch of things that I eventually returned and then re-bought. Slowly, I’ve begun to look at Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby to see who from my past life is having/had a child and who registered. Unfortunately there is no baby source website with a monopoly the way there is for the wedding sites. So far no luck.

But I would still very much love to run into an ex. I fantasize about seeing one guy who lives on the other coast but visits here. He would comment on how fabulous I look and how cute my Baby and Dog are, if they are with me. I even thought about it when I was pregnant and round and could not stop rubbing my belly. He would see my glow and what he missed out on.

I ran into one “not exactly an ex” once with Hubby (who was about as curt as he could be). The next day I wanted him to reach out and contact me. But I guess there is some code of guys that you are not friends with someone you are attracted to. That whole Harry Met Sally theory about sex always being on a guy’s mind. Who knows. I have a baby so you know I put out!


One Response to Mini-Stalker

  1. bbart76 says:

    I do the same thing with facebook and myspace. Not sure why, I spend hours looking for girls I dated or wanted to date. Then when I find them, I say “hi” and thats about it.

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