Looking hot hot hot

Sometimes people see me walking with my Pookers and my crazy puggle of a dog and they smile. One time Annie Leibowitz flashed her pearly whites my way when I was walking my husband to the subway. I fantasized about her stopping us and asking to photograph us.

Wouldn’t you love to have your hair and make-up professionally done and be photographed? Made to look gorgeous instead of trying to put on your eyeliner evenly while a newborn wails in the background.

I saw those pictures of Christina Aguilera naked in high heels for Marie Claire. Do you think guys got off on that? Wish my husband would. He talks about having number 2 (Number one has just recently passed the 6 month mark) and I think 1) you have to have sex to make a baby and 2) once we do, that means no sex for a long long time afterwards.

Here’s a question: Would you consider wearing a MILF shirt or a MILF in training shirt?*

It crossed my mind but I was so afraid that my father or brother or stepfather would ask “What’s a MILF?” and I just did not want to go there.

Maybe wearing one would get my hubby’s attention.

*You can find a bunch of MILF shirts and other clever slogans on T-shirts at cafepress.com **


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